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breakin_for_jay's Journal

~Breakin for Jay~ A Jay Park fanworks community
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Jay Park
Welcome to Jay Park's newest fanworks community, breakin_for_jay!
This is a community dedicated to all things Jay Park and is a place where fans of the solo artist can share their fanfiction, fanart, graphics, etc! It's moderated by taylorrenee_ily and misschatelle. We're both super nice, so feel free to ask us any questions about the rules that are posted below…

1. Everything you post must be your original work. No stealing!
What can you post? Anything! Fanfiction, fanmixes, fanart, and graphics (wallpapers, icons, backgrounds, etc).
What can't you post? Pictures, news, music videos, and the like.

2. You can post crossovers under one condition: Jay Park must be the main character or one of the main characters. Also, 2PM members are definitely allowed to feature in the fics! They can be main characters as well, as long as Jay is one of the main focuses in the fic.

3. All fanfics must include this information above the LJ cut:
You may also include things like Warnings:, A/N:, and Author: if you wish. However those are not obligatory.

4. You are allowed to post a link to your private journal, however we require the post to be open to all of our readers for at least 48 hours (72 is preferred). Also, it is mandatory that you post a warning in either the community post or in your private journal entry letting members know if/when you are planning on closing the entry.

5. Any posts rated R or higher must be set to only allow members to access it. We don't want to corrupt any kids here.

6. Flaming/trolling is not allowed. Anyone caught flaming/trolling can be banned with or without warning. Please love & respect everyone.

7. No custom fonts. No exceptions. I know they're pretty, but they can also be a little difficult on the eyes.

8. We love LJ cuts and you should too! Please use them in posts, especially in fanfiction. It makes posts easier to scroll through and doesn't clog up the page.

9. Advertising is perfectly fine, so long as it's approved by a mod. If you get our approval, you're free to post it with a note saying that you got our approval.

10. Tags are there for a reason, please use them. It makes it easier on everyone and keeps things from getting messy. If you're not sure how to tag, then either ask a mod or refer back to this post: CLICK.

11. I'll say it again, please don't hesitate to ask us questions! We're very nice people, we definitely aren't scary, and we'd love to help you out with anything you need! :) Though I have to warn you, one of our mods likes to talk a lot. I won't tell you which one (I'm sure you'll soon find out ;D), but be prepared for long responses!

12. No srs bznz! I think we can all agree that Jay's fandom has enjoyed quite a bit of drama this year. This is a place for Jay fans to hang out and share their love of Jay. So make sure you practice love & respect and most importantly have fun!

Also, the amazing layout was made by the lovely dullfangs. Go check her out! :]